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Free Trial of TARGETplus


Gain marks even as you try out our free TARGETplus 20 minute sessions being offered herewith. These are deliberately short while the full TARGETplus Session is 2 to 3 hour long, according to duration of the Board exam.

Each TARGETplus Session comes with a unique ‘Learning Round’ that takes you beyond practice and average marks, to help you improve on your areas of difficulty, right then and there.

You will soon find out how quickly you can gain marks and improve your performance for the Boards. If you complete the first exam round and the second learning round, you will get a detailed report which is also your smart planner that matches your diagnosis. If you study according to this planner, you are bound to gain more marks.

We invite you to take the TARGETplus sessions in exam like conditions, writing answers in a notebook or an answer copy like you would in an examination. The computer acts as a timer. When you write out answers fully and completely as you would in an exam, you will also get proper time diagnosis which is valuable to you for your preparation.

All TARGETplus papers are just like Board Papers. They are highly relevant to your upcoming Board Examinations. This year these are available for Classes X and XII: CBSE, ICSE, ISC & IGCSE. Don’t forget to give a comment when you have finished taking them.

Try to solve every question fully and write every answer to the best of your ability before pressing next. Always indicate how difficult you think a question was for you and whether or not it was a guess. These serve as valuable self-reference in your future review sessions. Both these valuable pieces of information are provided in your detailed diagnostic report and smart progress plan on your personal dashboard you can access using your ID and password. The more honestly you take TARGETplus, the more helpful each session will be for you, and the more marks you will gain.

CBSE CLASS X: Please note, the free TARGETplus paper for CBSE Class X is for SA1. As coursework in many schools will not be complete till end of November, revisit us at the end of November for SA2 paper with full diagnostics and learning rounds to help you get the best marks in SA2.