About TARGETplus

Beyond Assessments

TARGETPlus goes beyond assessment ‘of’, ‘for’ and ‘as’ learning to provide a truly rich personalised learning experience that guarantees results.

Built on the principle of “Compete with Yourself”, TARGETplus helps all learners not only identify their learning gaps but also improve on their mistakes, that too, in a matter of minutes, not hours or days. TARGETplus is the quickest way to build skill towards an upcoming examination. It is both time-efficient and cost-effective.


In a typical examination, for example, a student gets his / her average performance in a subject. In TARGETplus, the student also gets his personal diagnosis combined with the student’s personal smart study plan. Besides topic-wise diagnostic reports and smart plans, all students get a learning round in which they correct on their own mistakes, learn by use of tips & algorithms, and through a unique ‘build-up’ round.


TARGETplus uses the principle of “Compete with Yourself”. When students compete with themselves, they accomplish more. TARGETplus does not focus on the summative or relative distinction that discourages many students. It shows the path to every student’s personal success. All students that take TARGETplus improve. The more TARGETplus sessions a student takes, the more s/he improves.


TARGETplusmay be taken in online/offline, and paper & pencil formats. Online/offline formats are identical. The offline mode is useful when there are problems in getting a reliable internet. A new mobile app and the offline version for downloading to a computer will soon be featuring on the website. Every day we are adding new assessments and features. So we expect you to keep revisiting us.


TARGETplusis based on scientific research and evidence and not on hunches. It has been tried and tested in the real laboratory of a school since 2005, which among other factors has led the school to become India’s number 1 CISCE school in terms of Board Results. TARGETplus was further refined and improved in 2015 before being pilot tested on students of X & XII at several CBSE and ICSE/ISC schools and before being launched as a solution for other schools.


TARGETplus goes beyond promises to a) provide on-going evidence of improvement of every student’s performance, and b) guarantees better results or full refund, no questions asked, to a school that takes a school wide approach in at least one subject.


TARGETplus is the perfect Pre-Board a school can imagine. Though TARGETplus is like a Board Paper and taken by students in Pre-Board conditions, besides a subject-wise average, it provides:

  1. personal empowerment to every student by giving them their personal study plans based on their topic-wise diagnosis and a learning round that boosts every student’s performance,
  2. topic-wise teacher reports in four confidence bands by topic that are most effective as a revision tool,
  3. class and section-wise reportsfor school heads to implement necessary improvements, and make changes and provide teacher incentives based on objective data.

The ‘Big Bang’

TARGETplus Diagnostic Sessions


TARGETplus Diagnostic Sessions were first made as online mocks for students of City Montessori School, Lucknow, the world’s largest school (a Guinness World Record Holder). The first TARGETplus Mock Session took place on 31 December 2004 for Class X Section E of Rajendra Nagar Branch of CMS for students being prepared for the Board Exam in March, 2005. Since then, TARGETplus has been refined and improved and implemented in various formats.

The ideology of Targetplus started way back in 2007-2008 in Finland and UK. In November 2015, 11 years later, Dr. Sunita Gandhi who has conceptualized and developed TARGETplus, decided to do a fresh research study with a revised version of TARGETplus. In this study, TARGETplus was given to roughly half the students at three participating branches of CMS and two CBSE Schools (the TARGETplus Group) belonging to all quartile groups. The remaining roughly half of the students also belonging to the same quartile groups did not participate in TARGETplus. They became the control group. The Board Results for 2016 were then compared. The results showed significant improvement in results of TARGETplus students over control group students

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About TARGETplus Background

TARGETplus Mocks were first implemented for students of City Montessori School as online mocks at the end of December, 2004. They have been refined and improved since then. In November 2005, Dr Gandhi decided to do a research study of the Mocks in a new version. In this study, TARGETplus was given to roughly half the students in all decile groups (treatment group), and the other half in the same decile groups did not participate in TARGETplus (control group). The Board results in the Boards 2016 were then compared for all students in the treatment and control groups. These results can be viewed here.

Dr. Sunita Gandhi, PhD Cambridge University, UK, concetualized and developed TARGETplus based on her experience of going from being a ‘below average’ student in her school years, to qualifying for the toughest scholarships at Cambridge University: Trinity College Scholarship, The Cambridge Commonwealth Scholarship, The Overseas Student Award. She has developed this pedagogy through research and pilots over the last 17 years. She has fine-tuned the assessment, reports and interventions through rigorous work and research in over 3 counties: Iceland, United Kingdom and India.

She believes: “We must have our ‘hunches’ but we must not prescribe to them till we have our ‘evidence’.” Besides creating her own evidence, her work is consistent with worldwide research and evidence as per John Hattie’s world’s largest meta analysis of educational research.

The company has head-quarters in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, and has regional offices in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Overseas, it has offices in Singapore, UAE and the UK.